Walk-behind Aerator

Aerate. Play. Mow.


Aerate. Play. Mow.

Speed: 1 Man, 3 Hours, 18 greens VS. 3 Guys, All Day

Lack of Disruption: Improve Ball Roll with Aeration


Verticut to relieve lateral surface tension and to prevent the development of lateral growth with 2,000,000 deep surgical cuts per hour.


Aerate your root zone with 2,000,000 sub-surface explosions per hour. The soil will expand and raise surface imperfections. You’ll feel the earth move under your feet.


Flex-Roll to finish the treated surface for fast, firm, smooth, dry greens. Use for surface repair after deep tine or core cultivation.

Proven Results

Five years ago at the GIS show Doug Petersan, GCS from Austin Golf Club, generously stopped by the PlanetAir booth and shared this insight.

“I don’t care if you’re a soil aerator.  I could care less about that.  What you’ve done is provide deep vertical cutting for my greens.  The reason that’s so important is because I’ve discovered lateral growth up to 2” deep in my profile.  You’ve developed a tool that allows me to cut that growth and prevent the reproduction of the daughter plant.  This regenerates fine textured new tiller growth on the parent plant.  You should see how fine textured my greens have become.”

Four years later I took Doug up on his invitation and visited him at the Austin Golf Club.  Walking on his green was like walking on a felt pool table.  Doug had been using his PlanetAir HD50 Tow with ¼” shatterknife tines and sand topdressing 7-9 times per year for the past 4 years and had discontinued core cultivation during this time.

Doug’s testing lab is very concerned about the lack of organic in the profile of his green.  Doug’s response, “you let me worry about that.”

We use PlanetAir every 3 to 4 weeks on our greens and it has become our most valued and critical piece of equipment in retaining our greens at the highest level.

- Phil Beal

Troon Golf International Superintendent of the Year, 2009