How frequently should I PlanetAir my greens?

Weekly or bi-weekly, before and throughout the active growing season. The key is to layer the next application while the benefits of the previous application are still optimum. It is preferred that you alternate direction of your application as with greens mowing. Keep in mind that when you your greens it benefits you in two ways. First, it provides a high density pattern of channels through the mat with no effect on ball roll. Second, it expands the soil, restoring soil porosity.

What will my putting greens look like after I PlanetAir?

With frequent use you will only notice a high density pattern of 1” long surgical-like incisions on the greens surface. Frequent users of the , those using it weekly or bi-weekly, report no negative effects on ball roll and increased ball roll speed.

Why is it called PlanetAir?

The benefits of PlanetAir are derived from the use of a planetary gear system. The sun gear is fixed in the center of the rotor with the tine shafts rotating around the sun gear. When a tine is placed in the shaft it creates a planetary loop. The “X” of the loop is used to create a small incision through the turf mat and the loop stirs the soil below the mat.

What is planetary motion?

The planetary motion happens when the tine shafts in the machine rotate around a center sprocket. The patent PlanetAir holds is based on the use of the planetary drive system in an aerator.

What is the difference between PlanetAir and other aerators?

Other aerators are vertical crankshaft type. They have many moving parts which are constantly breaking. They are noisy, slow and operator unfriendly. They drive the tine down vertically, compacting the surface below and to the sides (A. J. Turgen, Penn State University). They also cause glazing of the sides of the hole. 

The PlanetAir’s unique design drives the tine/shatter knife forward into the turf. It penetrates the soil in a spoon-like fashion and shatters soil with a kick-back action that reduces soil compaction and eliminates glazing of the sides of the holes.

How deep do the PlanetAir coring/shatter tines go?

The PlanetAir is a mid-aeration process. This means up to 4″ in depth. The unique tine actually shatters deeper than 4″. The depth of shattering will depend on the soil structure and moisture at time of aeration.

How deep do the PlanetAir shatter knives go?

Same as the coring/shatter tine. Although the shatter knife actually shatters more in a downward motion. This results in very little surface disruption, leaving only an incision in the turf, and deeper fracturing of the soil structure.

How wet does the soil have to be to aerate with the PlanetAir?

Unlike other aerators where the soil has to be saturated in order to keep from breaking and obtain penetration, the PlanetAir aerates best when the soil is dryer.

How do the benefits compare to other aeration methods?

Benefits include: Better water infiltration rates, better conservation of resources, leaves a playable surface, smoother running, more operator friendly, versatile applications, and uses coring or knife technology in the same piece of equipment.

What does frequent soil maintenance mean?

In order for the turf grass to have a thick dense, durable leaf the soil structure has to have adequate pore space. (free from compaction) When traffic is applied to the surface and the soil begins to compact (decreasing pore space) is the time to do maintenance. Until now this has not been possible due to the disruption to the surface. With the shatter knife technology you can aerate whenever necessary with virtually no surface disruption.

What is the speed of the PlanetAir Aerator?

To get a feeling for the speed of ‘s aerators, take a look at the times listed below:

Size of Green Time to aerate
Football Field 1:30 hours
Soccer Field 1:40 hours
19 Greens 4 – 6 hours
Fairways 50 min per acre

How do you control the speed of the aerator?

The aerator runs at 540 PTO speed. The hold pattern is determined by tractor ground speed. The runs just as smooth out of the ground as in the ground. Raise over irrigation & obstructions, just that simple.

Do I have to buy two machines to get both technologies?

No, the tines and shatter knives are interchangeable within the same machine. One model can be used for all aspect of playing surface applications, both golf course and sport field.

How long will the tines and shatter knives last?

They are made of harden tool steel, forged, heat treated and harden. Expect to do the entire golf course with the coring/shatter tine. The shatter knives will last according to size. The least amount of service to expect is the 1/8″ knife. Our surveys indicate you can expect to do all your greens four times with one set.

The shatter knives have so little disruption, am I really getting any benefits?

Yes, this is what is so amazing about the PlanetAir technology. There is virtually no disruption to the playing surface with tremendous benefits.